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Media Training for the Brand Ambassador

We have many hats to wear when it comes to being ambassadors. Not only are we trying to shoot a good match, but we're also trying to capture video, post on social media, and be good brand ambassadors. By attending our 5-day Ambassador Academy, you will learn how to effectively juggle all of these tasks and more in order to better represent and provide a greater return on investment to your brand sponsors. We also touch on navigating hostile communications with media regarding 2A, conducting friendly interviews, developing your on-camera personality, filming & editing, brand photo sessions & modeling, as well as creating and maintaining sponsor relationships.

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Wanted and Needed, but Never Existed... Until Now


Train with Champion Shooters

Take your shooting skills to the next level by training alongside champion professional shooters! From novices to experienced athletes, we customize your training based on your current abilities to help you move faster and be more accurate with your shots under high pressure.

Let Us Personalize Your Training To Your Needs

Do you have a certain skill that you’d like to hone in on and refine? We’d love to help! Our instructor-student ratio allows us to personalize your training based on what you feel you need to work on the most. Say you are a live-fire champion but struggle with on-camera interviews, we can spend extra time helping you work on interviewing skills and developing your on-camera personality.

By the end of the event you will be able to apply all the skills to hit your marketing and shooting goals. You'll be not only representing yourself better, but you'll be representing your sponsors better.

At the Ambassador Academy, you will learn:


Skills for professional on-camera interviews, podcasts, and radio, and 2A crisis communication.

Social Media

Strategies, how-tos, and analytics so you can report back to your brands on your social footprint.


Marksmanship skills for competition and concealed carry, including force-on-force training.


Participants will also receive professional headshots / action shots and possibly video.

Ambassador Academy Corporate Events

Are you looking for a 100% customizable VIP event for your corporate partners, team, and/or brand ambassadors? Look no further, the Ambassador Academy is the ultimate option! We can provide a version of the Ambassador Academy focused directly on your company, products and needs. Our customizable Ambassador Academy Corporate Events can incorporate scenario training, media training, product training, photoshoots, interviewing, social media management, navigating hostile media communications regarding 2A, and so much more! Just let us know what you need, and we will coordinate a team of experts to execute an awesome event for you.

Contact us to set up a VIP Corporate Event today!

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Class size is limited. $3,500 includes 5 days of training, housing, breakfast, lunch, swag bags, equipment rental, ammunition, and professional photography for your portfolio!


Get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you!