Ambassador Academy

The Ambassador Academy is a five day training for the brand ambassador to give a better return on investment to their partners and more effective influencers of 2nd Amendment messaging. And we are all ambassadors!! Companies have loyal employees that are willing and should comprise an army of ambassadors for a company!

With the attacks on the 2nd Amendment, it’s up to our community to be able to effectively communicate the truth, which is guns and gun owners are not the enemy and the 2nd Amendment is for everyone. It really boils down to education, not legislation, but if our side doesn’t know how to effectively INFLUENCE our friends, our families and our communities, it’s up to us to equip ourselves. This program will prepare you to be a better communicator and more effective influencer.

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Join us at our 2021 Ambassador Academy for media training and more! An exclusive event for 2nd Amendment brand ambassadors that is unlike any other in the industry. Learn how to navigate hostile communications with media, develop your interviewing skills and on-camera personality, and so much more!

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Five Days Training Schedule

Day One

Eight hours with the best scenario / personal protection with instructors at W.O.F.T.. Covering situational awareness, flashlight techniques, voice commands, and force on force for those that are ready!

Day Two-Five

We start with rotations of several different classes:

  • - Social media (strategy and analytics)
  • - 2nd Amendment / hostile comms
  • - Friendly interviews / on camera personality
  • - Film / Edit
  • - Live Fire
  • - Photo sessions / modeling
  • - Sponsor relations